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Frozen Pizza Bytes: Rogue One Olympics Trailer Reaction, or “Black Darth Vader Hawk Down”

Listen, as Cory, Alex “The Ghost” Reiter and Logan watch the newest Star Wars Rogue One trailer that aired during the global cavalcade known as the Olympics together as a fam.

Hear their discussions about the film as a whole, the news around promotional tie-ins for the film, and how Thrawn is the Sonic the Hedgehog/Venom of Star Wars lore.

Watch the new trailer along with them in the embedded link below.


Frozen Pizza Bytes: Star Wars Rogue One Trailers Reactions

Watch Alex and Cory’s reactions to the Star Wars Rogue One Trailers.

Follow along with this Youtube link and press play on the video when Cory says “Go!”

Frozen Pizza Byte: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Final Trailer reaction

It is a dark time for the

Pizzamen. Although the wait for

the final Episode VII trailer

has been destroyed, giddy excitement

attacks have driven the Frozen Forces

from their hidden base and pursued

them across the internet.


Reacting to the dreaded Imperial

trailer, a group of freedom

fighters led by Ghost Rei’ter and

Koffee Ordai has established a new

Force Friday midnight toy launch on

the remote ice world of Toys R Us.


The evil lord Time Waiter,

obsessed with finding young

Rei’ter and Ordai, has dispatched

thousands of remote podcasts into

the far reaches of space….

Frozen Pizza 19 – Trailers For Days

A long time ago, in a Skype conversation far,
far away….

It is a period of Celebration.
Rebel Star Wars Episode VII trailers, striking
from a hidden convention center, have won
their first victory against
the wait for The Force Awakens.

During the battle, rebel
spies managed to steal secret
trailers to the EA’s
ultimate weapon, Star Wars
Battlefront, an armored video
game with enough power to
destroy an entire Playstation 4.

Pursued by Warner Bros.’s
sinister Batman V. Superman trailer, Kofee
Ordie and Ghost Rei’ ter race home aboard their
podcast, custodians of the
commentaries that can save
their people and restore
nerdiness to the galaxy….

Frozen Pizza 18 – The Legend of ‘Muricar

Greetings Travelers!

On this audio scroll of The Frozen Pizza Podcast, our hallowed bard Cory regales Sir Alex Reiter and Monk Logan Long with his adventures throughout the Kingdom of Terra!

Among the Cory adventures discussed are:

  • A pitch to Sir Alex, for a Legend of the Hidden Temple remake located at his cottage in the swamps of Flo Rida.
  • A quest to the Wizard World Conference (sadly, no wizards or sorcerors) to obtain a fabled autograph of Sir Norman Reedus for Sir Reiter.
  • The day of simultaneous adulthood and stupid kid shenanigans
  • Attendance of the King Josh Groban ceremonial pre-listening event of his majesty’s newest album (including a message heralded by the king himself to Bard Cory)
  • A diversionary fascination with Toronto Lord Rob Ford
  • A weekend retreat to Monk Logan’s castle in the countryside (including appearances of Shrek 2 the game, pizza shirt and The ‘Muricar).
  • Another fine legend of the Floridamen

Frozen Pizza 17 – My Bee and Me

Greetings Internets! On this fine episode of Frozen Pizza Podcast, Cory and Alex celebrate the new Net Neutrality ruling, and the llamas and dress fascinations that came with it.

Also, we look back on the life of Leonard Nimoy, recount our Oscar predictions, and Cory gives his season review of Marvel’s Agent Carter.

But our main event comes in the form of Cory’s most favorite Lil Jon pitch to date: A family sitcom that is sure to have the Nielsen ratings “buzzing”, and audiences will “bee” captivated.

All this and more in this fine episode of Frozen Pizza Podcast.

Frozen Pizza 16 – The Broken Hammer CES Mega Show

Today is the day! Frozen Pizza returns with an all new marathon super episode highlighting the news that came out of the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in January. Along for the ride are friends of the show Cody Dahl and Jake Neuman of Broken Hammer Podcast fame. They offer us additional insight and together we go through all the great technology advancements we have to look forward to throughout the year. Links to these stories can be found below. The best part is this is just a preview of more great technology coverage to come here on Tripod Broadcasting.

Show Notes

Frozen Pizza Bite 2 – Agent Ant Man

When a Marvel TV special and movie trailer premier on the same day, we all know that a Frozen Pizza Bite is coming. In this bite size Pizza, Cory and Alex give their immediate reactions to the Ant Man teaser trailer. Cory gives his impressions of the first two hours of Agent Carter. Heck, in a twist of roles, Alex of all people finds the next iteration of Florida Man. Alex also teases the CES special and the launch of something new! Links can be found below, leave a comment with your thoughts.

-Ant Man Trailer
-Agent Carter Premier
-Florida Man Crazy Lizard

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