Frozen Pizza 18 – The Legend of ‘Muricar

Greetings Travelers!

On this audio scroll of The Frozen Pizza Podcast, our hallowed bard Cory regales Sir Alex Reiter and Monk Logan Long with his adventures throughout the Kingdom of Terra!

Among the Cory adventures discussed are:

  • A pitch to Sir Alex, for a Legend of the Hidden Temple remake located at his cottage in the swamps of Flo Rida.
  • A quest to the Wizard World Conference (sadly, no wizards or sorcerors) to obtain a fabled autograph of Sir Norman Reedus for Sir Reiter.
  • The day of simultaneous adulthood and stupid kid shenanigans
  • Attendance of the King Josh Groban ceremonial pre-listening event of his majesty’s newest album (including a message heralded by the king himself to Bard Cory)
  • A diversionary fascination with Toronto Lord Rob Ford
  • A weekend retreat to Monk Logan’s castle in the countryside (including appearances of Shrek 2 the game, pizza shirt and The ‘Muricar).
  • Another fine legend of the Floridamen

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