GTST Episode 282: The Foghorn of Racism

GTST Episode 282: The Foghorn of Racism

This performance art is a collaborative effort with listeners and fans of GTST on Telegram. Appearing on this show are Hango from The Hango Show, Sarah from the inner circle, Jay and superfan Cullen Williams.

We talk about Israel vs Palestine, evangelical fetishization of Israel, Elon’s DOGE SNL flub and more. There’s a special segment of “ask the Mossad” and a dissection of Jews/Israel/Palestine. We also discuss Cheyenne Mountain and secret geo-engineering in Alaska. Matt schools us on the Talmud, Kabballah, and the genetic origins of Jewish people and the true “synagogue of Satan” of the world. We talk about crypto, DOGE, and fake money.

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Gtst Episode 282: The Foghorn Of Racism

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