[FROZEN PIZZA] Super Special House of Cards Special *SPOILERS*

“I have no use for useless things”

That’s ok Frank. We aren’t useless. No sir. Instead, we enjoy talking about you. We enjoy your escapades and your rise to power.

Now to the listener. This is special, very special, but be warned, there are spoilers here. If you have not watched Season 2 (or Season 1 for that matter) of the Netflix Original Series House of Cards, stop now, cancel all commitments, and watch. Watch until you are caught up. Watch a season and a half in one weekend like my girlfriend did when I introduced her to the show. Watch like there is NO TOMORROW.

But to those who are caught up and now have a void in their souls once again, longing, yearning for new content, please enjoy this offering of discussion. Please. PLEASE offer your opinions in the comments below and remember, useless things like trolling are no fun at all. Cory and I would LOVE to hear them.

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