GTST Episode 303: Watercast Season 2: The Fizzy Ones

GTST Episode 303: Watercast Season 2: The Fizzy Ones

Lots of discussion about Succession, and our viewing habits… Matt has a drug problem. Grump Santa makes a debut. Wuhan commentary, the pleasures of the world, the pain of not being deluded. Vaccine cults. Australia and New Zealand will never return – WWIII?

Matt gives some thoughts on technology throughout human history, and Addison gives his view on the Maxwell trial.

The water from this week’s Watercast was highlighted in this YouTube video.

We also have a bigly segment of #Watercast – presenting season 2: the fizzy ones! After that Addison pretty much wraps up the show by playing his Youtube recs. Matt rips on breakfast cereal, and gives a movie recommendation. We exit the matrix, and share some thoughts on our community of frens.

GTST Episode 303: Watercast Season 2: The Fizzy Ones

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Gtst Episode 303: Watercast Season 2: The Fizzy Ones

Frozen Pizza 16 – The Broken Hammer CES Mega Show

Today is the day! Frozen Pizza returns with an all new marathon super episode highlighting the news that came out of the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in January. Along for the ride are friends of the show Cody Dahl and Jake Neuman of Broken Hammer Podcast fame. They offer us additional insight and together we go through all the great technology advancements we have to look forward to throughout the year. Links to these stories can be found below. The best part is this is just a preview of more great technology coverage to come here on Tripod Broadcasting.

Show Notes