Frozen Pizza 6 – We Gave Kevin Bacon A Cold

Hello boys and girls, after a long hiatus dictated by changing life momentum, we are BACK. And with this, we bring you months upon months of the most pertinent pop culture news and insight. We also offer you the behind the scenes insight into WHY we were on hiatus and what we have all been up to. Alex and Cory talk about Star Wars Episode VII news, Community being canceled and renewed (all while we were on hiatus), news from Google’s I/O conference, Apple’s WWDC, and many other follow ups for technology news. Last but not least Cory offers his latest pitch for Lil Jon and we catch up on our Florida Man news! Enjoy!

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GTST Episode 13: Farty McDouble Finds Love

Matt breaks down his plan for a Star Wars sequel. The guys discuss the levels of wizardry, and the differences between falconry wizards vs. suburban wizards, and also the rumored war between wizards and Jedi. We discuss a few new developments in NSA surveillance, and their relation to armchair activism. We fanboy for a minute on Reddit, and discuss a story about evil paycard scam. To top it off, Matt and Addison discuss a certain scumbag and issue another challenge, and end with a screenplay discussion.

Reports: NSA Has Keys To Most Internet Encryption

Woman sues McDonald’s franchisee for payroll debit

Mission Congo: how Pat Robertson raised millions on the back of a non-existent aid project

GTST Episode 13: Farty McDouble Finds Love

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Gtst Episode 13: Farty Mcdouble Finds Love