Frozen Pizza 10 – Cory & Alex Explores The Geek Pop World

In the second episode of the “Editing Delay” trilogy, we bring you “Cory & Alex Explores the Geek Pop World”. This is the story of Cory and his friend Alex, and their journey through the hard times of the world. Our heroes reflect back on the life of a great comedian, actor, and general awesome human being (RIP Robin Williams). Such reflection leads to self reflection on how comedy and pop culture have ultimately saved our heroes from evil. This is not “The Empire Strikes Back”. The good guys win!

Frozen Pizza 9 – We Are Groot

One of these days our idiot editor will get his house in order and be able to edit in a timely manner. Until then, here is one of three in the “Editing Delay” trilogy. “We Are Groot” is a deep, spoiler filled elaboration on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. We Are Groot is a story of a talking raccoon and his walking/talking (kind of) house plant. We hope this opening act pleases your ear holes and provides you with insight into this summer blockbuster.