Frozen Pizza 17 – My Bee and Me

Greetings Internets! On this fine episode of Frozen Pizza Podcast, Cory and Alex celebrate the new Net Neutrality ruling, and the llamas and dress fascinations that came with it.

Also, we look back on the life of Leonard Nimoy, recount our Oscar predictions, and Cory gives his season review of Marvel’s Agent Carter.

But our main event comes in the form of Cory’s most favorite Lil Jon pitch to date: A family sitcom that is sure to have the Nielsen ratings “buzzing”, and audiences will “bee” captivated.

All this and more in this fine episode of Frozen Pizza Podcast.

Frozen Pizza 16 – The Broken Hammer CES Mega Show

Today is the day! Frozen Pizza returns with an all new marathon super episode highlighting the news that came out of the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in January. Along for the ride are friends of the show Cody Dahl and Jake Neuman of Broken Hammer Podcast fame. They offer us additional insight and together we go through all the great technology advancements we have to look forward to throughout the year. Links to these stories can be found below. The best part is this is just a preview of more great technology coverage to come here on Tripod Broadcasting.

Show Notes

Frozen Pizza 15 – Sony Had A Bad Day

Simply put, Sony has been having a bad couple of weeks. The Interview has caused an international incident that isn’t going away any time soon, but while we are at it, why not look at all the crazy stuff that leaked! Theres also some additional Star Wars VII follow up if you are into that kind of thing. Links below for your clicking pleasure.

-Furry Convention Issues
Rugrets Holiday Special
-Full Court Miracle
-Men in Black/21 Jump Street
-Spiderman Summit
-Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back script reading
-All About That Rebel Base
-Star Wars Episode VII Character Names

Frozen Pizza 12 – CG Animation Day Laborers

After some time away (five minutes by release time). We are “back” with a new show from the makers of the legendary Labor Day special. Our heroes highlight their epic interaction with famed hype man Lil Jon, new Florida craziness, and many rants. Alex rants about horrible shipping problems and the disappoint of the Apple Watch. Cory talks more the fall television season, Gamergate, and his love for his Wii U. The boys even talk 3DS Super Smash Bros and the overwhelming labors of a CG Animator.

Frozen Pizza 11 – Labor Day Special

In the third and final episode of the “Editing Delay” trilogy, we bring you the “Labor Day Special”. This episode was recorded live from the second floor of Hills Hall in Bourbonnais, IL, where Cory and Alex were joined by special guests Logan “Teagiver” Long (of Super Bros Super Show fame), and Brad Gerwin (of his own fame, because he is awesome). These two delightful gentlemen joined us in our first live show in several months as an impromptu discussion on Gamergate, gaming culture, life, and the joys of being a nerd. At the end of this trilogy, Ewoks dance, Lil Jon sings, and Florida Men do stupid things. To sum it up, we gathered around a bunk bed and a mike to nerd out. Just the way anything associated with pizza and dorm rooms should be.

Frozen Pizza 9 – We Are Groot

One of these days our idiot editor will get his house in order and be able to edit in a timely manner. Until then, here is one of three in the “Editing Delay” trilogy. “We Are Groot” is a deep, spoiler filled elaboration on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. We Are Groot is a story of a talking raccoon and his walking/talking (kind of) house plant. We hope this opening act pleases your ear holes and provides you with insight into this summer blockbuster.

Frozen Pizza 8 – I Am The One Who Hamburgles

To infer that San Diego Comic Con week is not important or has irrelevance to pop culture is so very far from the truth. Frozen Pizza 8 brings you all the relevant recap news regarding one of America’s single greatest yearly pop culture events. Comic Con 2014 was no exception and has brought Cory and Alex plenty to discuss: Wonder Woman, Avengers 2 news, new details for batman prequel series Gotham, more Star Wars Episode VII news, and much much more. Florida man makes a triumphant return, the box office is discussed, and there is even some deep discussion on what pop culture has become because of nerds (the nerds will always inherit the earth).

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Frozen Pizza 7 – Geekie Freddy Krueger Hands Scratching A Piece Of Glass

Back for the first back weekly show since this crazy adventure begun, the Frozen Pizza podcast brings you a deep discussion on what and who a nerd is, the difference between television shows when we were in high school and now. A love letter to our beloved favorite TV show, NBC’s Chuck, and a healthy comparison of Chuck and CBS’s The Big Bang Theory. Cory and Alex also dive deep (as a kiddie pool) into all the comic news for Thor and Captain America. No tech news is discussed as nothing has happened this week, but our heroes dig in to the box office for the week and discussed some of the latest releases (and how much they can’t wait to go see Guardians of the Galaxy). Cory ends the show with a new pitch and immediately goes to sleep before becoming an adult on Monday morning.

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Frozen Pizza Ep. 5: Game of Captain Zumba Roomba

There will be much public shaming over how late this podcast is. There is no excuse and we are sorry (blame Alex, he’s a bum).

Public shaming of one of our co-hosts aside, this is Game of Captain Zumba Roomba, the fifth edition of the Frozen Pizza adventure. This week (last week), talked about the season premier of Game of Thrones (spoiler free), the latest edition in the Marvel movie universe, and even some other minor movie and TV news. Cory delivers his latest Lil Jon pitch (you will not want to miss this). Finally, Alex goes over some of the biggest technology news from the month of March and the box office highlights.

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