Frozen Pizza 19 – Trailers For Days

A long time ago, in a Skype conversation far,
far away….

It is a period of Celebration.
Rebel Star Wars Episode VII trailers, striking
from a hidden convention center, have won
their first victory against
the wait for The Force Awakens.

During the battle, rebel
spies managed to steal secret
trailers to the EA’s
ultimate weapon, Star Wars
Battlefront, an armored video
game with enough power to
destroy an entire Playstation 4.

Pursued by Warner Bros.’s
sinister Batman V. Superman trailer, Kofee
Ordie and Ghost Rei’ ter race home aboard their
podcast, custodians of the
commentaries that can save
their people and restore
nerdiness to the galaxy….

Give That Some Thought Podcast

GTST Episode 11: Paycard: The Movie

Matt starts the show by trying to hijack it and the boys continue discussing a small project that Matt’s working on, the boys talk about their thoughts on World’s End, and then Matt tells a story that had him furious this past week. The guys give some thought to Batman and the Man of Steel franchise as a whole. They wrap up on some randomness, and end abruptly.

GTST Episode 11: Paycard: The Movie

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Gtst Episode 11: Paycard: The Movie