Changes at Tripod

Changes At Tripod Broadcasting


Changes at Tripod Broadcasting.

Firstly, we’re no longer using Amazon.

As you may have noticed, we’ve removed the Amazon affiliate links from the network subscription page. We’ve also completely removed the show from Amazon’s cloud servers in favor of a much more cost effective and less restrictive platform. Several episodes had been removed by their team, and we didn’t want to limit our content.

Secondly, diversification of content and Value 4 Value.

As a failsafe to the podcast feeds available on, all of the content (available in full mp3) will be posted to our Telegram channel as well: You must have a Telegram account to participate.

We recently added crypto donations to the Tripod support page, and we’re accepting $BAT via Brave Browser as a Brave Verified Creator.

In the spirit of a free and open internet, all of Tripod’s shows are listed on the Podcast Index, and most shows on Tripod are set up to receive Bitcoin payments in real-time over the Lightning network using compatible Podcasting 2.0 apps.

To learn more about Podcasting 2.0, see this medium article.

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