GTST Episode 41: Fat man on a surfboard

We begin by talking about a new show just signed to FX starring Zach Galifianakis created by Louis CK. Addison tells a story about roadtripping to Branson Missouri this past labor day weekend. We also discuss pets and the potential parental object lesson in having pets, and Matt divulges that he has about $500k in gold hidden. Then we (of course) talk the nude photos leaked on 4Chan over the labor day weekend, and the results and apparent resolution of the Cee Lo Green Ecstasy rape case, and his subsequent remarks on Twitter. Then we discuss radioactive wild boar running wild in Germany, and the likelihood of super-villainous boar. Then the age old discussion is had about funding NASA on the heels of the news that NASA is building their biggest rocket ship ever.

GTST Episode 41: Fat man on a surfboard

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Gtst Episode 41: Fat Man On A Surfboard

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