GTST Episode 309: Stinkbug Battle Royale

GTST Episode 309: Stinkbug Battle Royale

We start off by discussing NFT’s and crypto as a money-laundering scheme, finally deciding that GTST will be available exclusively as NFT’s to the highest bidder. We float the idea of a GTST poker night, and talk about how to make money in a fake and gay casino. We have a magnificent cannacast brought to us by Morgan County Farms Lemon Fizz Sativa dominant hybrid. We discuss black music, and it’s effect on culture. We also discuss the esoteric aspect of the NFL, and Matt gives us his pick for the super bowl in the context of our analysis. We also outline the sponsorships for GTST, have a disastrous watercast, and discuss “God is love” in the context of the western church. Finally, we round out the episode with a fantastic segment of All Women.

GTST Episode 309: Stinkbug Battle Royale

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Gtst Episode 309: Stinkbug Battle Royale

Frozen Pizza 15 – Sony Had A Bad Day

Simply put, Sony has been having a bad couple of weeks. The Interview has caused an international incident that isn’t going away any time soon, but while we are at it, why not look at all the crazy stuff that leaked! Theres also some additional Star Wars VII follow up if you are into that kind of thing. Links below for your clicking pleasure.

-Furry Convention Issues
Rugrets Holiday Special
-Full Court Miracle
-Men in Black/21 Jump Street
-Spiderman Summit
-Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back script reading
-All About That Rebel Base
-Star Wars Episode VII Character Names

Frozen Pizza 11 – Labor Day Special

In the third and final episode of the “Editing Delay” trilogy, we bring you the “Labor Day Special”. This episode was recorded live from the second floor of Hills Hall in Bourbonnais, IL, where Cory and Alex were joined by special guests Logan “Teagiver” Long (of Super Bros Super Show fame), and Brad Gerwin (of his own fame, because he is awesome). These two delightful gentlemen joined us in our first live show in several months as an impromptu discussion on Gamergate, gaming culture, life, and the joys of being a nerd. At the end of this trilogy, Ewoks dance, Lil Jon sings, and Florida Men do stupid things. To sum it up, we gathered around a bunk bed and a mike to nerd out. Just the way anything associated with pizza and dorm rooms should be.

Frozen Pizza 10 – Cory & Alex Explores The Geek Pop World

In the second episode of the “Editing Delay” trilogy, we bring you “Cory & Alex Explores the Geek Pop World”. This is the story of Cory and his friend Alex, and their journey through the hard times of the world. Our heroes reflect back on the life of a great comedian, actor, and general awesome human being (RIP Robin Williams). Such reflection leads to self reflection on how comedy and pop culture have ultimately saved our heroes from evil. This is not “The Empire Strikes Back”. The good guys win!

Frozen Pizza 8 – I Am The One Who Hamburgles

To infer that San Diego Comic Con week is not important or has irrelevance to pop culture is so very far from the truth. Frozen Pizza 8 brings you all the relevant recap news regarding one of America’s single greatest yearly pop culture events. Comic Con 2014 was no exception and has brought Cory and Alex plenty to discuss: Wonder Woman, Avengers 2 news, new details for batman prequel series Gotham, more Star Wars Episode VII news, and much much more. Florida man makes a triumphant return, the box office is discussed, and there is even some deep discussion on what pop culture has become because of nerds (the nerds will always inherit the earth).

As always, feel free to leave a comment on the post or get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Frozen Pizza 7 – Geekie Freddy Krueger Hands Scratching A Piece Of Glass

Back for the first back weekly show since this crazy adventure begun, the Frozen Pizza podcast brings you a deep discussion on what and who a nerd is, the difference between television shows when we were in high school and now. A love letter to our beloved favorite TV show, NBC’s Chuck, and a healthy comparison of Chuck and CBS’s The Big Bang Theory. Cory and Alex also dive deep (as a kiddie pool) into all the comic news for Thor and Captain America. No tech news is discussed as nothing has happened this week, but our heroes dig in to the box office for the week and discussed some of the latest releases (and how much they can’t wait to go see Guardians of the Galaxy). Cory ends the show with a new pitch and immediately goes to sleep before becoming an adult on Monday morning.

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Frozen Pizza 6 – We Gave Kevin Bacon A Cold

Hello boys and girls, after a long hiatus dictated by changing life momentum, we are BACK. And with this, we bring you months upon months of the most pertinent pop culture news and insight. We also offer you the behind the scenes insight into WHY we were on hiatus and what we have all been up to. Alex and Cory talk about Star Wars Episode VII news, Community being canceled and renewed (all while we were on hiatus), news from Google’s I/O conference, Apple’s WWDC, and many other follow ups for technology news. Last but not least Cory offers his latest pitch for Lil Jon and we catch up on our Florida Man news! Enjoy!

Frozen Pizza Ep. 3: Chicago Dude With An Attitude

Yes, it is that time of the week. We are back with the latest for journey into the wonderful world of higher pop culture. This weeks show was recorded mere hours before one of the largest cultural events of the year, the 86th Academy Awards! Alex and Cory put a considerable amount of time into giving their picks for this year’s awards (follow along to see how they did with this results sheet). Alex also gave you tech news and rants from Mobile World Congress and recent industry news from Facebook and Microsoft. Cory pitches a new Lil Jon movie, and we say goodbye to a legend.


[FROZEN PIZZA] Super Special House of Cards Special *SPOILERS*

“I have no use for useless things”

That’s ok Frank. We aren’t useless. No sir. Instead, we enjoy talking about you. We enjoy your escapades and your rise to power.

Now to the listener. This is special, very special, but be warned, there are spoilers here. If you have not watched Season 2 (or Season 1 for that matter) of the Netflix Original Series House of Cards, stop now, cancel all commitments, and watch. Watch until you are caught up. Watch a season and a half in one weekend like my girlfriend did when I introduced her to the show. Watch like there is NO TOMORROW.

But to those who are caught up and now have a void in their souls once again, longing, yearning for new content, please enjoy this offering of discussion. Please. PLEASE offer your opinions in the comments below and remember, useless things like trolling are no fun at all. Cory and I would LOVE to hear them.