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GTST Episode 6: The Matt Show

Matt hijacks this episode of Give That Some Thought from the start by defining “homeschool swagger” and continues on by pontificating on Comic-Con, how nerds procreate, and the coolest things about this past year’s Comic-Con. The boys also announce an upcoming podcast starting soon about Breaking Bad, reminisce with a riveting story of drinking in college with Jon “Hammypants” Hamm, discuss police officers breaking the law in the enforcement of the law, and Matt schools Addison on how the White House Press Secretary is the worst job in the world. To tie it all up, Matt tells Addison about Huma Abedin and his thoughts on Weinergate, and gives a heartwarming message at the end.

Comic-Con Highlights: 5 Things You Need To Know

SDCC 2013: New Footage for the Final Episodes of “Breaking Bad”

Blond beauty set to sue NYPD over sexy photos swiped from iPhone

White House scrambles to defeat bill to defund NSA program

GTST Episode 6: The Matt Show

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Gtst Episode 6: The Matt Show