The Hango Show

The Hango Show #078 with The Boys

This week Hango, Jut and Harpoon sit down to talk about the real lost episode, Harpoon dismantles a bathroom, Asha’s surgery, taking people’s entitlement, The Get Stuck Pot Luck™️, green crab whiskey, Bucket The Boob Man, a crackhead’s point of view, BMW microtransactions, Olympic level coloring books, scooters banned from the Army, Libtards, Bigfoot news, a sheep goes to jail, Tom Cruise’s pay cut, the ol’ clam slam goes sideways and food talk.

The Hango Show #078 with The Boys

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The Hango Show #078 With The Boys

GTST Episode 264: Reverse Feedbag

GTST Episode 264: Reverse Feedbag

His coziness, Matt Hulme, lays out the agenda for the episode, and we stuck to it! We discuss Thomas Keller and his greedy PPP loan, and the best way to starch up yer nuts. There’s segment of cannacast, where we discuss legalization, cannabinoids, and some of the problems with Missouri’s cannabis legalization thus far. In this week’s “all women” segment, we discuss women, masks, and the landscape of 2020. Matt then takes us on a winding road known as THE PATH TO VICTORY for President Donald J Trump. To close it out, we discuss Tom Cruise’s outburst, Addison piques the interest of the wizard with a factoid about Ghislaine Maxwell’s deposition.

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GTST Episode 264: Reverse Feedbag

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Gtst Episode 264: Reverse Feedbag