GTST Episode 281: White Arabs

GTST Episode 281: White Arabs

GTST Episode 281: White Arabs

The Tosh.0 of racism! Splifs, joints and blunts, OH MY!

Matt and Addison tell the story of visiting the weed factory, Matt talks gummy science, recipes, and big weed business. DJT launches a blog and it’s BIG NEWS. Marco Rubio thinks aliens are coming after us, and Matt is an asshole neighbor with his nuclear dandelions and their victim mentality.

We also take callers from our Telegram Channel to discuss who is shaking the jar, the Mandalorian, woke star wars, and ALIENS.

We also discuss the great deception, ancient mystery schools, illuminati, and the transgendered false god Baphomet.

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Gtst Episode 281: White Arabs

Frozen Pizza 19 – Trailers For Days

A long time ago, in a Skype conversation far,
far away….

It is a period of Celebration.
Rebel Star Wars Episode VII trailers, striking
from a hidden convention center, have won
their first victory against
the wait for The Force Awakens.

During the battle, rebel
spies managed to steal secret
trailers to the EA’s
ultimate weapon, Star Wars
Battlefront, an armored video
game with enough power to
destroy an entire Playstation 4.

Pursued by Warner Bros.’s
sinister Batman V. Superman trailer, Kofee
Ordie and Ghost Rei’ ter race home aboard their
podcast, custodians of the
commentaries that can save
their people and restore
nerdiness to the galaxy….

Frozen Pizza Bite 1 – The Star Wars Black Friday Special

Cory and Alex have something new for you all to listen to! They are called Frozen Pizza Bites! Little bite size episodes of Frozen Pizza, where Cory and Alex come together to talk about things that need immediate attention. And what better an occassion to show off our new idea than the release of the teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens!!!!! Frozen Pizza Bites 1 is just a taste of how excited these two nerds were about this trailer and what their raw thoughts were right after it was released. Give it a listen and let us know what you thought of the trailer. May the Force be with you.