Frozen Pizza 14 – Troninator Legacy World

Our heroes were full of turkey and ready to take on the holiday season with cheer and gusto. So why not sit down and talk about all the amazing movie news we can find! Alex tells about his thanksgiving surprise while Cory passionately sums up everything movies and gives his long lost summary of Big Hero 6. Alex even introduces a new “Microwave Pizza” segment with fast paced news! Cory finishes off with native Florida antics and our heroes pass out live on mic. Links below in the show notes:

-Alex Gets Surprised for Thanksgiving
-Star Wars Follow Up
Jurassic World Trailer
-Terminator Genesis Trailer
-Bond Film 24: Spectre
-Peanuts Trailer
-Suicide Squad
-Ryan Renolds as Deadpool

Microwave Pizza:
-JGL as Edward Snowden
-90s 2DS
-Comet Probe
-Orion Launch System