GTST Episode 242: Deep State Racism

GTST Episode 242: Deep State Racism

We started with a listener submitted song for our audience to enjoy. Followed closely by our brand new segment “water cast” where we review a new “artisanal” water on the show, and Matt gives a review of the bouquet off the water. If you’d like to have your water reviewed on the show, please let us know. We also discuss Wendy’s, Sports, and The Office.

Thank you to Aaron, who wrote this episode’s outline.

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Gtst Episode 242: Deep State Racism

Give That Some Thought Podcast

GTST Episode 140: Give That Some THOT

There’s some fantastic conversation about Tomi Lahren, and that leads into a conversation about abortion, it’s affect on society, where it came from, and Matt and Addison’s personal viewpoints on the issue. Addison has a confession to make, there’s some discussion about the upset that is Trump, and we wrap it up with a giant teaser. (kind of)

GTST Episode 140: Give That Some THOT

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Gtst Episode 140: Give That Some Thot