GTST Episode 239: Give That Some Wintergreen

To kick off this episode, we have a brand new sponsored segment brought to you by our Executive Producer, Hango Wood. After which, we discuss the Kennedy’s, and provide helpful tips for how to eat at QuikTrip. We also discuss the structure of the White House and it’s recent inhabitants, and play a hearty round of Marry one, Kill one, Screw one involving female political figureheads.

GTST Episode 239: Give That Some Wintergreen
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Gtst Episode 239: Give That Some Wintergreen

Give That Some Thought Podcast

GTST Episode 55: Give That Some Vaguery’s

We begin this week’s show by updating our audience on Matt’s newest development in the job search. Hint: he’s done searching. Matt’s also never been caught for murder. We talk about Aaron Rodgers statement about God not caring about the outcome of sports games, and the story about the balls being illegally deflated. There’s also discussion about racial division in terms of the city of Paris wanting to sue FOX News. Then they discuss Elon Musk’s deal with the devil (Google) to colonize Mars and how insane that is, and touch on the State of The Union address. We discuss the “Duke of Douche” and the child sex ring being covered up. Finally the show wraps up on a very weird note.

GTST Episode 55: Give That Some Vaguery’s

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Gtst Episode 55: Give That Some Vaguery'S