Give That Some Thought Episode 230

GTST Episode 230: Everybody Loves Joe Biden!

Addison’s son begins his search for a good wife. We dissect and interpret Matt’s shame dreams, we talk about the sexual proclivities of homeschoolers, and the physical mechanics of the work boner. There’s a new product idea that we verbally trademarked as well… coming soon…. “The Dick Dowel.” Matt introduces new family members, and we talk about drug culture in America. And finally, Super Tuesday breakdown and an analysis of the 2020 election as it stands now. Clown world is in full effect, so enjoy the show!

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Gtst Episode 230: Everybody Loves Joe Biden!

Give That Some Thought Podcast

GTST Episode 98: Meme Magic

There’s some non-spoiler discussion about House of Cards season 4, and why it might be the best season yet. That serves as a segue into Super Tuesday, and Matt provides a breakdown of where each one of the candidates stand in his opinion. Addison and Matt discuss education systems, and the United States Government’s budget.

GTST Episode 98: Meme Magic

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Gtst Episode 98: Meme Magic