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GTST Episode 13: Farty McDouble Finds Love

Matt breaks down his plan for a Star Wars sequel. The guys discuss the levels of wizardry, and the differences between falconry wizards vs. suburban wizards, and also the rumored war between wizards and Jedi. We discuss a few new developments in NSA surveillance, and their relation to armchair activism. We fanboy for a minute on Reddit, and discuss a story about evil paycard scam. To top it off, Matt and Addison discuss a certain scumbag and issue another challenge, and end with a screenplay discussion.

Reports: NSA Has Keys To Most Internet Encryption

Woman sues McDonald’s franchisee for payroll debit

Mission Congo: how Pat Robertson raised millions on the back of a non-existent aid project

GTST Episode 13: Farty McDouble Finds Love

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Gtst Episode 13: Farty Mcdouble Finds Love