Frozen Pizza 14 – Troninator Legacy World

Our heroes were full of turkey and ready to take on the holiday season with cheer and gusto. So why not sit down and talk about all the amazing movie news we can find! Alex tells about his thanksgiving surprise while Cory passionately sums up everything movies and gives his long lost summary of Big Hero 6. Alex even introduces a new “Microwave Pizza” segment with fast paced news! Cory finishes off with native Florida antics and our heroes pass out live on mic. Links below in the show notes:

-Alex Gets Surprised for Thanksgiving
-Star Wars Follow Up
Jurassic World Trailer
-Terminator Genesis Trailer
-Bond Film 24: Spectre
-Peanuts Trailer
-Suicide Squad
-Ryan Renolds as Deadpool

Microwave Pizza:
-JGL as Edward Snowden
-90s 2DS
-Comet Probe
-Orion Launch System

Frozen Pizza 13 – Superheros On The Silver Screen

Time to switch life up. Time to write show notes that don’t suck and rise to the task of additional entertainment. Frozen Pizza 13 is about one thing: Marvel vs. DC on the silver screen. We broke down all the comic book movie news and talked about what it means. Links and portals to all discussion points can be found below:

Frozen Pizza 7 – Geekie Freddy Krueger Hands Scratching A Piece Of Glass

Back for the first back weekly show since this crazy adventure begun, the Frozen Pizza podcast brings you a deep discussion on what and who a nerd is, the difference between television shows when we were in high school and now. A love letter to our beloved favorite TV show, NBC’s Chuck, and a healthy comparison of Chuck and CBS’s The Big Bang Theory. Cory and Alex also dive deep (as a kiddie pool) into all the comic news for Thor and Captain America. No tech news is discussed as nothing has happened this week, but our heroes dig in to the box office for the week and discussed some of the latest releases (and how much they can’t wait to go see Guardians of the Galaxy). Cory ends the show with a new pitch and immediately goes to sleep before becoming an adult on Monday morning.

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Frozen Pizza Ep. 5: Game of Captain Zumba Roomba

There will be much public shaming over how late this podcast is. There is no excuse and we are sorry (blame Alex, he’s a bum).

Public shaming of one of our co-hosts aside, this is Game of Captain Zumba Roomba, the fifth edition of the Frozen Pizza adventure. This week (last week), talked about the season premier of Game of Thrones (spoiler free), the latest edition in the Marvel movie universe, and even some other minor movie and TV news. Cory delivers his latest Lil Jon pitch (you will not want to miss this). Finally, Alex goes over some of the biggest technology news from the month of March and the box office highlights.

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Frozen Pizza Ep. 3: Chicago Dude With An Attitude

Yes, it is that time of the week. We are back with the latest for journey into the wonderful world of higher pop culture. This weeks show was recorded mere hours before one of the largest cultural events of the year, the 86th Academy Awards! Alex and Cory put a considerable amount of time into giving their picks for this year’s awards (follow along to see how they did with this results sheet). Alex also gave you tech news and rants from Mobile World Congress and recent industry news from Facebook and Microsoft. Cory pitches a new Lil Jon movie, and we say goodbye to a legend.

Give That Some Thought Podcast

GTST Episode 18: Selfie Revolution

The boys talk about music preferences and their backgrounds, have a breif foray into Miley Cyrus, and then onto some continuing commentary on the latest on the NSA. The guys talk about the numbers behind the Walking Dead premiere vs. the Breaking Bad finale, and about how TV is changing. Matt defines the purpose of pooping, and we discuss the “nuance” of baseball, and how it ties into St. Louis. We look at the Wired article about how the world wants the US to back off the internet. Matt tries to convince Addison that star travel would be cool, and the guys argue about the existence of aliens and God. The guys rip on Glee and close out the show in some wild sexism.

GTST Episode 18: Selfie Revolution

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Gtst Episode 18: Selfie Revolution