The Hango Show #007 with Tarica

The Hango Show #008 Ladies Night

The Hango Show #008 Ladies Night

This week Hango welcomes back Tarica and Messa along with his wife Tinker for a very special Ladies Night episode. They devise their own conspiracy within the first five minutes, discuss unsolicited photos, Hango mansplains topics the ladies can’t understand, using a dime for scale, women in the military, syncing periods, bad dates, firearms, vampires, gendered sports, classy southern décor, Scientology and Mormons.

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The Hango Show #007 With Tarica

Give That Some Thought Podcast

GTST Episode 64: Kush Afterbirth

Fantasy (!) sports, homunculus, gremlins, and Easter kick off this week’s episode. Also, we intro a brand new segment for the show, “Mormon or Scientologist.” Matt gets mad about pedophiles, and then breaks down Interstellar. Addison tells Matt to watch Bloodline on Netflix. To top it off, we discuss the Edward Snowden episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

GTST Episode 64: Kush Afterbirth

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Gtst Episode 64: Kush Afterbirth