GTST Episode 289: Satire

GTST Episode 289: Satire

GTST Episode 289: Satire

Wolf spiders. New pipes. Jewish space lasers. Addison eats dinner. Matt drinks cheap shots. People love the Telegram shows. Matt defends his heretical high octane speculation. Matt tries to sell Addison on drugs.

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Gtst Episode 289: Satire

GTST Episode 231: The Fix

GTST Episode 231: The Fix

The fix is in for Senator Sanders, and the the DNC is corrupt from top to bottom. There’s a discussion of Trump, Wall Street, and the brand new fed interest rate. We talk about how the conversation has been in the GTST chat room, and dissect the coronavirus spread. We have our producer to thank: Cullen Williams, friend of the show and west coast turned midwest correspondent generously sponsored this episode with a word to our listeners as well. Our listeners are the lifeblood of what we do, and we thank you for your support. Matt also breaks down the latest virus news, and we discuss the possibility of what the hell might be going on.

A very special thanks to the below listed producers for their generous contributions:

Associate executive producer responsible for minority relations: Cullen Williams

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Gtst Episode 231: The Fix