GTST Episode 228: Diet Caffeine Free Socialism? Not for Me!

GTST Episode 228: Diet Caffeine Free Socialism? Not for Me!

Matt tries to have a co-host that understands him, and Addison tells us a story about how he wasted an entire day throwing pearls before swine, and Matt gives us a history lesson on the crusades. We also discussed the idea that that the pendulum will (eventually) swing back, and pondered the differences between empathy and morality, and what it means to “build a better life.”

Is there a way to unplug from this technocracy we’ve found ourselves in since 9/11?

Matt also discusses Creative Artists Agency, and the list of their clients.

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Gtst Episode 228: Diet Caffeine Free Socialism? Not For Me!

Give That Some Thought Podcast

GTST Episode 9: Fluoride Dinner Pics

The boys discuss Breaking Bad, how large of an opening the season premiere was, and plug a brand new show about the final 8 episodes. Matt reveals money spent on LOTR fanboyism, and the guys re-hash the NSA story on government surveillance. Matt rants on the government complex, and shares the story of his afternoon. They give some thought to security protocols in the private sector, and how that affects privacy and the future of the internet as we know it, we hear what Matt’s “hero’s road” looks like, and we give some thought to Matt’s favorite political figure. To top it all off, the boys end with a brawl to end all brawls that almost ends the run of this podcast.

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GTST Episode 9: Fluoride Dinner Pics

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Gtst Episode 9: Fluoride Dinner Pics