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GTST Episode 77: 1 Million Dollars

We read a review that the show got on iTunes to kick things off. Addison talks about getting on Periscope and they discuss a topic that a listener submitted from there. There’s also talk about the Duggars, and a frank discussion on sexuality from the Suburban Wizard. Then we discuss two stories about “discrimination” in St. Charles County, and a judge that is headed to prison for taking a kickback for sending people to private prisons.


Porn-Sniffing Dog Helped Bring Down Subway Star Jared Fogle (Web Archive Link)

Neighbor Calls Cops Because Black People “Don’t Belong” In St. Charles Subdivision (Web Archive Link)

Pennsylvania Judge Gets ‘Life Sentence’ For Prison Kickback Scheme (Web Archive Link)

GTST Episode 77: 1 Million Dollars

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Gtst Episode 77: 1 Million Dollars