GTST Episode 286: Depressed Christina Hendricks

GTST Episode 286: Depressed Christina Hendricks

GTST Episode 286: Depressed Christina Hendricks

It’s been awhile but we’re back with a special pride month episode! Addison has never played Russian roulette but almost shot a dog. Matt ruined the family camping trip. We spend a good long while discussing cannabis, the cannabis industry, and the correlation to the New World Order. (sorry mom)

Addison rants about the absence of objective truth in the light of QAnon and Majestic 12, then we’re back with a classic GTST segment – WATERCAST. Sponsored by Producer Eric from the inner circle. It’s a repeat, but we don’t care, and Addison sets a brand new record for the show. Find the fantastic products from Producer Eric at and use code “SAVENOW” for 25% off.

Then we discuss sexuality, drag queens, slippery slopes and there’s a brief discussion about how unbelievable 109 is! Simply unbelievable!

Addison and Matt (mostly Matt) tackles a listener question about zucchinis, squash, canning, pickling, recipes and so on. Shout out to our fantastic group of farmers from the GTST Temple of Unreason.

We discussed the Doordash gig economy, Instacart and the silicon valley technocratic utopia and Matt talks about Billie Ellish and Christina Hendricks because he loves celebrities.

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Gtst Episode 286: Depressed Christina Hendricks