GTST Episode 292: Herpes Roulette

GTST Episode 292: Herpes Roulette

GTST Episode 292: Herpes Roulette

Sars, Mers, coronavirus, oh my! There’s some discussion about the jab, dead ferrets, and more. (cuz why not) Addison shreds the postmillennialism take on Satan, Matt explains groupthink and programming. along with some geopolitics sprinkled in. After that there’s a brief interlude where we didn’t do anything illegal at all. Friend of the show Jay gets a mention. Matt tells a story about colleagues, and the Wuhan Fluhan.

The weed takes it from there, and we get into sin, the nature of reality, Q, and THE RETURN OF TRUMP and the DELTA VARIANT. (this is just for SEO, we don’t believe in any of these things) Pfizer pays everyone’s bills.. EVERYONE GET THE JAB and their BOOSTERS! Chris friend of the show gets a mention. Binaural beats, YouTube sleep magick, Beats by Dre, social engineering, sorcery and more! Addison gives Disney a swift kick in the nuts and have to deal with Matt’s biannual circle jerk to Swiss Family Robinson.


Matt talks about Cecil B Demill a lot, and Addison talks about evil clown Nephilim, The Man Who Knew Too Much, and more. Then Matt explains why PROSTITUTION is herpes roulette and we finally return to Jon Hamm’s Body vs Christina Hendricks to get the answer we’ve been waiting for. Then have what some might call #AllWomen, where we discuss the stages of a woman’s body, and the aging process of the sexes, (enjoy, kids!) the magic of pregnancy, and how women are terrible people and shitty men.

Then we discuss Matt’s kitchen in detail, with a focus on Matt’s headaches, and we also give advice to friends of the show in Matt’s kitchen. Ice Ice Baby. We talk about the meaning of “Tonight?” and Matt goes on a rabbit trail about gout and bigass sandwiches and how to pull a double on your nights off. There’s a pickle recipe, and stoner recipes in general. Kielbasa! Pimento Cheese! Stoner food cast! We also discuss Matt’s secret menu at his restaurant. Red Pepper Mac and Cheese. Matt rails on women and we both take on CHYYYYYNA.

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Gtst Episode 292: Herpes Roulette