GTST Episode 293: Open Line Telegram

GTST Episode 293: Open Line Telegram

GTST Episode 293: Open Line Telegram

This episode is brought to you by friend of the show Jay, Tripod Creator Hango, and friend of the show Sarah.

Jay starts us off with some talk about money and Jabs, spirituality and mRNA, Operation Warp Speed, Animal trials and more. We also discuss a literal vs figurative six day creation and the meaning of the seventh day in the Judeo Christian Bible.

Addison tells his understanding of the Chaco Canyon ruins and Hango gives some history of the indigenous people of his area, which leads into a conversation about burial mounds among the Mississippi valley tribes. We round it back out to commonalities in ancient civilizations, the Great Flood, and God’s invisible attributes in the cosmos. Hango talks about the invisble attributes, total chaos, and God from his dumb Viking Brain.

Addison talks about ancient ruins in the context of scripture, and the lost civilizations and knowledge in the fertile crescent and beyond. We talk about the King James cult, and earthly kingdoms verses spiritual ones. We also talk about the Old Testament peril of judges and kings. Hango talks about his experience with people, and the concept of faith, and Addison talks about his concept of faith and the faith of militant athiests, and we also get into cosmology and the God of the Bible.

Hango talks about the fast food options in his town, and how God spared him on the Lord’s Day.

Addison rants and raves about screen time with children, pedophilia in the Vatican, and Hango talks about the best way to raise kids.

Sarah joins to tell us how she raises her kids and the balance of nature and the analog world in regards to parenting. Addison rants about God in nature and the result of the concrete jungle and we all talk about the benefits of nature. We all try and diagnose why my son won’t eat steak, and how kids make decisions about food.

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Gtst Episode 293: Open Line Telegram