GTST Episode 271: Mushroom Fleas

GTST Episode 271: Mushroom Fleas

GTST Episode 271: Mushroom Fleas

We pay our respects to the great Rush Limbaugh, and discuss his influence on our lives. We play the viral “Mr Taliban” JibJab song. NYTimes article from that era.

Addison gives a (partial) book review of “Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery: The Fascist International, 9/11, and Penetrated Operations” by Dr. Joseph P Farrell, which leads to some conversation about 9/11 and it’s role in shaping the world today. Like Rumsfeld’s 2.3 Trillion dollar accounting error. (Timestamped YouTube link: (

Addison tells us about what he learned this week, and describes his “personal apocalypse” and the result, as well as a conversation about not “all women”, not to be confused with our popular segment “all women.”

Matt also attempts a solo watercast on the worst water we’ve ever drank on the program, and then we do a fantastic drugcast segment, and Matt teaches us about mushrooms.


(18:00) Rumsfeld loses 2.3 trillion
(20:00) Matt rails on fear porn
(22:00) Addison’s personal apacolpyse
(26:00) dating on the internet
(38:00) snowpacolypse
(47:00) DRUGCAST
(1:03:00) Intermission
(1:05:00) Reading and the analog world
(1:10:00) Unplug
(1:21:00) The church

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Gtst Episode 271: Mushroom Fleas