GTST Episode 233: Kitty Covid

We (obviously) discuss the virus, the $2T hookup, and Matt gives a history lesson.

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Gtst Episode 233: Kitty Covid

Give That Some Thought Podcast

GTST Episode 114: Pink and Ambigous

First off, there’s an analysis of Al Franken and Sarah Silverman’s appearance at the DNC Convention in Philadelphia. Then Matt breaks down exactly what’s happened at the DNC concerning Bernie Sanders, etc. We discuss the collusion of the DNC with the Clinton campaign to squeeze Sanders out of the race, and what that means for the party as a whole. Matt also issues a stern statement to Julian Assange. We watched several videos during this episode, and those are linked below. We comment on Glenn Beck saying he’s likely to vote for Gary Johnson, and a ridiculous Josh Feuerstein video as well.

Senator Al Franken and Sarah Silverman at DNC 2016

Glenn Beck Likely To Vote For Libertarian Gary Johnson For President In 2016

Josh Feuerstein Video (Facebook link)

and finally, the video we ended on:

John Hagee 2016, “I Believe in Miracles” – Jul 17, 2016

GTST Episode 114: Pink and Ambigous

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Gtst Episode 114: Pink And Ambigous