Frozen Pizza 13 – Superheros On The Silver Screen

Time to switch life up. Time to write show notes that don’t suck and rise to the task of additional entertainment. Frozen Pizza 13 is about one thing: Marvel vs. DC on the silver screen. We broke down all the comic book movie news and talked about what it means. Links and portals to all discussion points can be found below:

Frozen Pizza 8 – I Am The One Who Hamburgles

To infer that San Diego Comic Con week is not important or has irrelevance to pop culture is so very far from the truth. Frozen Pizza 8 brings you all the relevant recap news regarding one of America’s single greatest yearly pop culture events. Comic Con 2014 was no exception and has brought Cory and Alex plenty to discuss: Wonder Woman, Avengers 2 news, new details for batman prequel series Gotham, more Star Wars Episode VII news, and much much more. Florida man makes a triumphant return, the box office is discussed, and there is even some deep discussion on what pop culture has become because of nerds (the nerds will always inherit the earth).

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