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GTST Episode 10: Ballpoint Prowess

In a totally honest and forthright display of intellect, Matt engages in a tell-all whistleblowing segment about 10-15 years of research and development that he has put into investigating one of the most powerful underground societal organizations in the world today, and the influence of their current members, as well as insight into excommunicated and retired members. Contact Matt on Twitter using the hashtag #CouncilOf8 to engage further on his revelations from this episode.

–> Pat Robertson’s Toilet

The boys also take a look at the probability of the 2016 election cycle, the RNC decision to make some noise over the networks allowed to run debates. They discuss the brand new Al Jazeera America, and what kind of network they’re attempting to be, and lastly they talk about their excitement for World’s End.

Al Jazeera America Promises a More Sober Look at the News

RNC votes to exclude CNN, NBC from 2016 presidential primary debates

Chris Christie signs New Jersey ban on gay conversion therapy

GTST Episode 10: Ballpoint Prowess

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Gtst Episode 10: Ballpoint Prowess