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GTST Episode 175: Butt Frenzy

Matt gives us a lesson on how to take away the JoyFM filter. For the first time in GTST history, Matt and Addison do drugs on air. Not really. Hi mom! We also discuss Atlanta, Billions, and the problem with TV shows for us. We discuss God(s) and why we create them.

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GTST Episode 175: Butt Frenzy

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Gtst Episode 175: Butt Frenzy

Frozen Pizza 13 – Superheros On The Silver Screen

Time to switch life up. Time to write show notes that don’t suck and rise to the task of additional entertainment. Frozen Pizza 13 is about one thing: Marvel vs. DC on the silver screen. We broke down all the comic book movie news and talked about what it means. Links and portals to all discussion points can be found below:

Frozen Pizza 8 – I Am The One Who Hamburgles

To infer that San Diego Comic Con week is not important or has irrelevance to pop culture is so very far from the truth. Frozen Pizza 8 brings you all the relevant recap news regarding one of America’s single greatest yearly pop culture events. Comic Con 2014 was no exception and has brought Cory and Alex plenty to discuss: Wonder Woman, Avengers 2 news, new details for batman prequel series Gotham, more Star Wars Episode VII news, and much much more. Florida man makes a triumphant return, the box office is discussed, and there is even some deep discussion on what pop culture has become because of nerds (the nerds will always inherit the earth).

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Frozen Pizza 7 – Geekie Freddy Krueger Hands Scratching A Piece Of Glass

Back for the first back weekly show since this crazy adventure begun, the Frozen Pizza podcast brings you a deep discussion on what and who a nerd is, the difference between television shows when we were in high school and now. A love letter to our beloved favorite TV show, NBC’s Chuck, and a healthy comparison of Chuck and CBS’s The Big Bang Theory. Cory and Alex also dive deep (as a kiddie pool) into all the comic news for Thor and Captain America. No tech news is discussed as nothing has happened this week, but our heroes dig in to the box office for the week and discussed some of the latest releases (and how much they can’t wait to go see Guardians of the Galaxy). Cory ends the show with a new pitch and immediately goes to sleep before becoming an adult on Monday morning.

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