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GTST Episode 170: Fizzin’ Below The Cap

Welcome to the roast of Jennifer Lawrence. Matt hates Jennifer Lawrence. And I mean hates. He tells Dano and Addison everything that is wrong with Jennifer Lawrence. He gives the recipe for his locally sourced galoshes. Addison is incredibly proud of himself and his dinner choices. We have a serious conversation about SJW’s that Dano attempts to tune out of. Matt tells us why he drinks Kombucha and the effect it’s had on his “gut health” and his daily Kombucha routine. Addison attempts to bring some institutional class to the show in the form of advertising and Matt and Dano push back heartily. Dano asks a religious question to the panel of experts. Make sure and listen all the way to the end of this episode.

Here’s the video of Bill O’Reilly on YouTube.

Also here’s what happened to Sandi Patty.

GTST Episode 170: Fizzin’ Below The Cap

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Gtst Episode 170: Fizzin' Below The Cap