GTST Episode 233: Kitty Covid

We (obviously) discuss the virus, the $2T hookup, and Matt gives a history lesson.

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Gtst Episode 233: Kitty Covid

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GTST Episode 85: Giant Lobster Men

There’s discussion about Veteran’s Day and the military to kick things off this week. Then Addison pontificates on a debt culture, and let’s Matt have his moment with Fallout 4. Matt then takes the time to tell Addison about giant lobsters, and about the construction on his apartment building. Addison briefly discusses Netflix’s new show Master of none, and there’s a wild tangent about animals and whether or not they communicate with one another like we do and reads a review that came in off of iTunes. Also there might be parallel universes after all, and Addison has a show-ending rant.

GTST Episode 85: Giant Lobster Men

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Gtst Episode 85: Giant Lobster Men