Give That Some Thought Drugcast

GTST Episode 229: Drugcast 1.0; Hell of a Producer

We rant about a lot of things, and the wizard has a story.

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Give That Some Thought Drugcast

Give That Some Thought Podcast

GTST Episode 109: Chemotherapy of The Internet

Matt has a cat, and there’s a long conversation to start things off about (almost) all the aspects of the Stanford rapist Brock Turner. We also discuss the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting, and all the ramifications as well as listening to some of Matt’s interesting “theories” surrounding the event. We discuss Matt’s cat, the election cycle briefly, and then Addison tells Matt about a dream he had and Matt interprets it.

GTST Episode 109: Chemotherapy of The Internet

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Gtst Episode 109: Chemotherapy Of The Internet