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Hooked on Outdoors – Episode 6: The Lost Episode

Lost deep in the archives and originally set for release in late March 2020, the episode “Trout Fishing the Red, White, and Blue” has been brought back and fully re-mastered for your enjoyment. With special guest Rod (Brett and Corye’s Father), we discuss the multiple trout areas around the great state of Missouri. But before that we discuss the ins and outs of tree diapers (tree saddles), hookEze’s, and share more stories.

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Hooked on Outdoors Ep 03 – Trout Fishing Missouri Waters

We look into the very popular and highly successful trout fishing season throughout the state of Missouri. We discuss the highs (hooking a lunker) and lows of the sport (mostly fails and bad luck for Rick), the gear we use, and the tactics behind each cast. Also, we talk about the different parks around the state and how much money is generated by the MDCs efforts, and in turn how that affects the ecosystem and other states around the country.

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