GTST Episode 309: Stinkbug Battle Royale

We start off by discussing NFT’s and crypto as a money-laundering scheme, finally deciding that GTST will be available exclusively as NFT’s to the highest bidder. We float the idea of a GTST poker night, and talk about how to make money in a fake and gay casino. We have a magnificent cannacast brought to us by Morgan County Farms Lemon Fizz Sativa dominant hybrid. We discuss black music, and it’s effect on culture. We also discuss the esoteric aspect of the NFL, and Matt gives us his pick for the super bowl in the context of our analysis. We also outline the sponsorships for GTST, have a disastrous watercast, and discuss “God is love” in the context of the western church. Finally, we round out the episode with a fantastic segment of All Women.

GTST Episode 309: Stinkbug Battle Royale

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Gtst Episode 309: Stinkbug Battle Royale

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