GTST Episode 305: Messing With Things You Shouldn’t

Back for another round of GTST and hoping to redeem himself in spectacular fashion – a former Tripod regular. We kick it off with the Wuhan, terrain theory vs germ theory, OMICRON PROPAGANDA, Fauci, bat soup, and more. Theories on PCR testing, variants, and HUMAN DNA. TESTING FRENZY. ASMR programming, digital detox, and how to beat the machine. Is there a peaceful way towards liberty? How do we unplug from the machine? What really matters?

We also talk Philip K Dick, alternate timelines, the Mandela effect, and more. We talk about DMT, Ayahuasca, and the ideology of existential cheat codes. We also talked about Watercast, Lions Mane mushrooms, and THE GAYS.

GTST Episode 305: Messing With Things You Shouldn’t

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Gtst Episode 305: Messing With Things You Shouldn'T

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