GTST Episode 302: Vinegar Exit Strategy

We catch up on Succession, and Matt stans for Yellowstone. We talk about the number of weapons necessary, and discuss the No Agenda Show. Chef Matt tells us all about vinegar, and considers sending John C Dvorak his entire vinegar collection as an exit strategy.

We talk about the fake and gay technocratic future, Beef Wellington NFT’s, and the ten year picture. Then we get into the magic of quail farming, and tools for maximizing eggs. Addison tells the story of traveling to Tennessee for thanksgiving, dry counties, and surgery.

We talk about goats as pets, and people hate this show. Addison shares his diagnosis for those looking to begin eating meat after a period of vegetarian faggetry.

GTST Episode 302: Vinegar Exit Strategy


5:00 Succession/Yellowstone spoilers

15:00 SWITCHBLADES and guns


20:10 Tripod news/podcasting 2.0

21:18 Matt’s Vinegar collection

24:25 bugs in the house/bartenders at work

26:29 Addison on The Hango Show

27:44 Matt’s edible dream

28:58 Chef in the metaverse/ Beef wellington NFT’s

32:20 magical quail farming

35:48 Tennessee was terrible, and wonderful

39:37 Chef Matt’s work hour

41:48 people hate this show


01:10:00 The Hango Show

01:16:35 Matt’s Menu

01:27:45 Farmer’s Cheese Recipe

01:34:00 Outro?

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Gtst Episode 302: Vinegar Exit Strategy

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