GTST Episode 295: 100% DEMORALIZIED

We smoke weed, and Matt tries to tell a story, and we still didn’t get any donations. We also discuss the conundrum of watercast, and our exit strategy involving professional water reviews. Matt finally gets back to his point, and we discuss the OF debacle at length. Addison talks a break to about the problem with #AllWomen, and Matt makes all kinds of predictions about OF that are now all wrong. Matt tries to keep Addison from talking about mind control. (LOL)

We also talk about the feds, (HI GUYS) and the clown show that is Afghanistan, and the glowtard at the Library of Congress. We also talk about how to tune out, and live your life.

A portion of the proceeds from this show goes towards transgendered BIPOC retards that vote democrat. Please donate now.

GTST Episode 295: 100% DEMORALIZIED

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Gtst Episode 294: Giants And Coronavirus

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