GTST Episode 294: Giants and Coronavirus

GTST Episode 294: Giants and Coronavirus

We break down Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium. The world knows. Bellweather counties tell all. We talk about current events for 5 minutes straight, then Matt lights a joint with a candle the way God intended. It’s all down hill from there. Stop listening. Please.

Matt talks about work. (duh) Addison is uncomfortable ashing into a candle. We talk about the Taliban and the radicalized jab. Matt gives a speech as Robert Duvall. We discuss OTG living, taunt the harriers, and Addison tells a story. We talk about how official narratives are all made up by people in power, and how people worship the jab. Addison rants about the technocracy (obviously) and we talk about THE END GAME.

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Gtst Episode 294: Giants And Coronavirus

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