The Hango Show #031 with Tinker, Jay & Addison

The Hango Show #031 with Tinker, Jay & Addison

This week, Hango has a round table talk with Tinker, Jay and Addison about growing kudzu, autistic goats, Mexican grass for dummies, just in time shipping, food waste, the end of technology, Addison goes to Hell, Cash-To-Shit alchemy, Love’s secret menu, surviving on s’mores, being habitually wrong, Jay gets lit, a little fart of grapefruit, the two for one special, lubing up shingles, how Hango is plan B, social credit, 18D chess, finding a retarded base, a midget under each arm, walking out of the womb, The Gilgamesh Kickstarter, tacos and pesos.

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The Hango Show #031 With Tinker, Jay & Addison

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