The Hango Show #030 with The Boys

The Hango Show #030 with The Boys

This week Jut makes his return to join Harpoon and Hango. They talk about Jut’s surprise surgery, Harpoon’s new employee, getting back to drinking, a rip in the matrix, The Second Coming, getting bald headed in the mouth, tandem piss pants, leg room and unlimited drinks, wading through the peasants, scam coins, woke coke, flipping tires, two credit for drama, wrestling the blind, life in the Three Stooges lane, getting abused by a 12 year old, McGregor’s new peg leg, free fall sex, possessive women, targeted ads, radio for cows, managing your risk, Saban’s mega bucks and remembering Mr. Rube.

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The Hango Show #030 With The Boys

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