GTST Episode 287: Did God Surely Say? (BONUS)

GTST Episode 287: Did God Surely Say? (BONUS)

Joining Addison in this bonus episode is special guest Aaron M. from GTST’s Heretical Scientific Think Tank members only Telegram chat. Aaron gives us a bit of background on his Christian faith, and how he came to hold the beliefs he has today. We also discuss 70AD and the fall of Jerusalem, biblical eschatology, demons, fallen angels, Nephilim, lucifer and so on. Later in the episode we dive into 9/11, Project Blue Beam, Operation Northwoods, and high financial crimes. We also discussed Qanon, Majestic 12, “Disclosure”, and what the objective of the MRNA vaccines might be.

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Dark Journalist Broadcast about the Hot Zone

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GTST Episode 287: Did God Surely Say? (BONUS)

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