Hooked on Outdoors – Ep 7 – Dreaming of a 2020 North Dakota Duck Hunt

After several weeks off the air, Brett, Corey, and Ricky have come back together to make two BIG announcements regarding the future of the podcast. The first and biggest announcement is the decision to re-brand their name to Barnhill Outdoors. The decision to re-brand has been in the works for several months now and is explained throughout the episode. Have no fear! Nothing different will be changing, only the name and a desire to push more quality content in the days and weeks ahead.

The second announcement they will discuss is the upcoming duck hunt to North Dakota. This will be the first big hunting trip they have gone on together, and share all of their hopes and expectations. Thank you for sticking with them through these interesting times, for they have every intention to keep hunting and recording.

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Hooked On Outdoors - Ep 7 - Dreaming Of A 2020 North Dakota Duck Hunt

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