GTST Episode 121: The Mysteriousity of Scripture

We start off by discussing Mr. Robot and how we’re excited for the finale this week. As a matter of fact the theme music is from Mr. Robot this week. (dnt sue plz) There’s some ideas for how we’re going to cover this years election as well as some unsavory interactions with the cat. There’s a twice running weekly segment entitled “Whats up With Mom” that we covered this week as well. Following that there’s a giant discussion about magic, Christianity, and the universe. There’s a discussion about a very sinister frog, and how that ties in with white supremacy and meme magic. (it doesn’t) To top it off, we discuss the new law that passed in Missouri about firearms including expanded stand your ground laws and permit-less concealed carry.

GTST Episode 121: The Mysteriousity of Scripture

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Gtst Episode 121: The Mysteriousity Of Scripture

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