GTST Episode 38: Average Joe Cliffhanger

Ken Ham and whether or not aliens will go to heaven. (As Matt gets Addison a drink) Addison mentions his trip to the zoo on Sunday and leads into a discussion about a corrupt civilian police work. On his way into the apartment, Addison found a political brochure, that he and Matt dissect with only the most thorough scrutiny. Included is discussion on the “anti-abortion” crowd, the “allegedly” free country, and pre-marital sex. After finally introducing the show, Matt and Addison talk about holes in the earth’s surface at the end of the world. They talk about Net Neutrality, and what a catalytic converter does in a car. They listen to a little bit of the horrific Comcast customer service phone call that went wild online recently.

GTST Episode 38: Average Joe Cliffhanger

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Gtst Episode 38: Average Joe Cliffhanger

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